SMPS inductance calculator

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Finding the right inductance value—and peak current rating—for your SMPS converter can be a bit of a hassle. So here’s a little tool to help you! Simply use this calculator, which’ll calculate all the parameters you need to factor in. The calculator supports the common, simple topologies: Boost (step-up), Buck (step-down) and Buck-boost (inversion – positive to negative).

Input values Output values
For prefixes, use scientific notation. SI prefixes and the associated exponents are:
nano: e-9
micro: e-6
milli: e-3
kilo: e3
mega: e6
giga: e9

For instance, 100 mA should be written as 100e-3 in the input field.
Switching topology
V V A % KHz V
Peak inductor current
Ripple current (lower bound)
Ripple current (upper bound)
Inductance value range
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