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The Last Goodbye

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Earlier in October, David – The analog design wizard who wrote a few articles on this blog left us at the age of 30. He had a few articles in the writing which he wanted to post before the end of the year.

All too early he was taken from us, and while his heart was at home with me and our cat, a great deal of his passion was for electronics. Therefore I have decided to keep his blog and memory alive, even after his death.

David, you will be long missed and never forgotten. I hope you will find your resting place as beautiful as I do, and I know someday I will join you there – in the forest, close to nature as you loved so much.

I miss you and think of you. You were my shining light, my eternal flame dancing in the wind with warmth on even the darkest of winter nights.

Your loving husband,


  1. Damn. I only started reading the blog a month or two ago but it was because there was so much cool stuff in the backlogs. Thanks for keeping the site up and sorry for your loss.

  2. Sean Straw Reply

    He was a fixture on freenode ##electronics.

    Clever. Kind. Helpful. industrious. He was always churning yet another circuit. People would pop into the channel and ask “how can I…”, and bam, he’d have a circuit drafted up for them and explain it to them.

    The world sorely needs more people like him.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  3. I typed and retyped this message so many times, I’ll just stick with it.
    I got to know David really well from ##electronics over the past year, we had many private conversations about electronics, politics, cats and just life in general. He talked about you all the time Simon.
    I heard the news today and frankly I find myself crippled.
    He was kind, knowledgeable and had a way of telling people what they needed to hear.

    I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the world’s loss.

    — Mike aka leachim6

  4. David was one of those guys who you got a feeling was nicer than anyone you deserved to know. I know myself and the others i’ve spoken to have memories of being beyond our wits end, crabby and being rude as hell to David while he patiently walked us through what was wrong. Patience of a saint, is the phrase that comes to mind. Always seemed to be making friends either through helping or bants about nonsense. ##electronics does not feel the same without him.

    I’m glad to hear the site is being kept up, there are so many solutions – handwritten and then uploaded like an old fart – burried on this website.

    My heart goes out to you, Simon. David’s passing is a terrible, terrible loss.

  5. I learned the terrible news today, with much delay, as I didn’t visit this blog, but knew David from IRC only. He was a kind man, witty, and damn honest. Even though I didn’t know him that much, I really miss him; so I cannot begin to imagine how hard his loss must be for those closest to him. My most sincere condolences to you, Simon. David will not be forgotten.

  6. I was having trouble with work and couldn’t visit ##Electronics…
    Now that it’s stable I was looking forward to more in-depth discussion with him… but alas.
    My condolences to you. We’re all going to miss him. I regret not having the chance to show him what I made which was inspired by his works…

  7. It’s a year on. I still miss David’s level-headed and kind presence on ##electronics. Would have been cool to be local and head down to the pub for a brew or two and just fling some darts while shooting the breeze.

    How are you holding up Simon?

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